Meet the Maker

Hey! I'm Nicole: mom of 3, teacher by training, creative at heart, a recently returned Midwesterner (after living 7 years in SE Asia), and the person wearing all the hats around here!

In October, 2019, I posted my first item for sale on Etsy and named my shop Little Great Design Co. inspired by Matthew 18 and a parenting mantra I repeat to myself daily: the little stuff is great. I believe that it's mostly the small, ordinary moments that make up a life. And your home – including the art you put on the walls, and the stuff you do together to foster that feeling of identity and belonging – is at the center of what makes your family uniquely YOU. In everything I create and add to the LGDC shop, my goal is to help parents create a home that reflects their values, tells their family's story, and is a place to connect and find joy in the "little great", everyday moments. 

My path to becoming a self-taught designer, illustrator/letterer, and shop owner paralleled a journey of coming back to myself in my 30's and re-discovering and saying yes to creativity, which has been a huge part of my identity since childhood.

In my early 20's, I didn't know myself quite as well as I do now, but I did know that I loved kids (still do!), so I got a degree in elementary education and taught for a couple years. When I had a baby, I transitioned to being a stay-at-home-mom. Then, only ten months into motherhood, my little family moved overseas and over the next five years I had two more kids.

During my years living in Brunei, I had very little access to the minimal/boho/scandi decor I admired online and deeply desired to design our home with. It just wasn't available locally and way too expensive or impossible to ship in. At first, I found this (honestly) quite challenging, but something good came of it: I learned the strength of my desire to create a home that reflected my personal design style, and I discovered how lack of access inspires innovation. I couldn't just run over to Target to grab an art print for my nursery, but I could make one myself!

And that’s how I began creating and sharing what I had a need for in my own life: playful, hope-filled wall art and printable resources for families that you can access from wherever in the world you call home.

It all started with an Advent Calendar that I designed for my own family to use, and from there every art print and discipleship tool I make is inspired by my family's story, my desire to create a home that uniquely reflects us, and my mission to help you do the same.

Thanks for stopping by!