New Website, Same Us!

Hello internet! Nicole here, the artist/owner/mom juggling all the roles around here! I am so excited to announce our new website,!  Over the course of the last year, I've been slowly & painstakingly building this site, and we are FINALLY ready for launch!

If you are new here, welcome! I'm so glad you found us!

If you're already familiar with Little Great Design Co., you may be wondering if you'll still be able to find us on Etsy, and why we're making the switch to a separate website. Since Etsy is such a well-known, handmade marketplace and lots of new customers find us through their platform (and we'll still be relying on Etsy to provide tax-compliant digital downloads to international customers) we're going to keep that shop going! However, Etsy does have some limitations in functionality and in my opinion, is not the easiest for customers to navigate around, search, filter, or find items quickly. By creating our own shop website, it should be about 1,000 times easier for you to find what you're looking for. You can shop by collections and quickly filter by room style, colors, subject, etc. 

I put lots of time, effort, and love into making sure this site provides a great shopping experience for you! I hope it's now much easier to navigate through our ever-growing catalog of wall art, custom art, accessories, and printable resources—all hand-lettered/illustrated/designed in KC by me! And while things may look a little different around here, the heart behind it all has stayed the same: to help you create a home that feels uniquely yours and is a place of connection & joy! Thanks for stopping by!